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Registration closes September 28th! 
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Why I Chose the Challenge with Emily
This Challenge is for YOU if by October 31st You Want to...
Feel confident

Actually reach your short term goals
Make like minded fitness friends

Possibly add $1,000 to your bank account 
Emily Hayden
IFBB Bikini Pro, Online Trainer, Fitness Model, Competitor, & Social Media Influencer
Hey beautiful people, Emily Here!

I am excited to announce, that in response to the amount of people who are requesting another opportunity to train with me, I’ve decided to do another challenge this year with the grand prize being $1,000 CASH! 

This will NOT be a fat-loss only challenge! 
ANYONE WITH ANY ACTIVE GOAL can enter to win the $1,000.
You will simply have to:
  •  State: your goal & how you plan to get there
  •  Check in: weekly for accountability (4 total fb check-ins required to be eligible to win) & completion of weekly assignments 
  •  Be: active, helpful, & encouraging within the community 
  •  Complete: the final “My Lifestyle” assignment and post for the group to see how you are going to continue living your life in a happy, healthy, active way :) 
This will be a “FIND YOUR LIFESTYLE” fitness challenge. 

Each week I will give you a different assignment / homework to do with the goal of helping you find your happy, healthy, active, lifestyle. 

My goal is to help you find an active, healthy, happy lifestyle that is MAINTAINABLE given your current season of life! 

My goal for you is that at the end of the 30 days, you will have a plan of action for how you’re going to continue living life in a happy, healthy, active, way! 

And this time, YOU’LL STICK TO IT because it will be “the way you live your life” vs. a “quick fix” you decide to implement to last minute get in shape for something.
I will provide a workout regimen & diet suggestions for those who want to:
  •  Lose: Body Fat OR
  •  Gain: Muscle OR
  •  Maintain: You can just follow either workout program & keep your food at maintenance level - all described in the challenge ebook you will receive!

Here's exactly what you will get:
  •  4 week workout guide based on your goal (fat loss, muscle building, if your goal is maintenance choose either one)
  •  Complete Macros & Nutrition guide: including exactly how to set your macros & when to make changes.
  •  Grocery list, example meal plans, a complete “day in the life” of ME so you can see exactly how I implement things like ACV shots, carbs pre & post workout, etc.
  •  Weight lifting & cardio guide for beginners answering questions like: how heavy should I lift, what is LISS cardio, and what do I do if I miss a day?
  •  Supplement recommendations 
  •  Private fb group for communication & support
  •  Weekly group check ins / accountability posts via fb
  •  A weekly mini challenge targeting mind, body, and soul, designed to ensure that your transformation is more than just physical
    You will reach the next best version of yourself! YAAAAASSSS GIRL (or GUY), REACH THAT NEW FREQUENCY
    You will MAKE NEW FRIENDS. -- FIT FRIENDS!! Who understand your love for living a healthy life!
    You will have a plan of action of how to continue beyond this challenge! - THIS WILL KICKSTART your healthy lifestyle
    You will look & feel BETTER THAN EVER in your halloween costume - (insert pumpkins etc.)
    Your goals aren’t going to conquer themselves! Let’s GOOO!!! Register now and I’ll see you in the FB group! 
    Xoxo Emily Hayden
    Come Reach Your Goals AND Make Friends
    60 Day Challenge with Emily Hayden
    Amy wrote...
    The fear and anxiety that I had before I started was tremendous. I always had self image
    problems, but now with all the hard work, I know I have a path now, I feel so much better and I
    don't have a problem with that stuff anymore. It's given me a lot more confidence, that's for sure.
    It's changed me forever. I will never go back to being just static!
    Lindsey wrote...
    If I could, I would definitely go back and tell myself, "Why are you waiting. Get in there, sign up, just do it. You have nothing else to lose, only everything to gain." 
    The community that it brings in, the new friendships that you form, and being able to connect with Emily was far greater than I
    could ever imagined.
    Vilmar wrote...
    I chose this challenge because it is different than any other challenge. I chose it because
    of the content that was provided, the fact that it focused on making fitness a lifestyle (and not a
    fad diet), the mini challenges, and the group calls with Emily. I knew it would be challenging in
    the most incredible way. It was just what I needed. I learned a lot about myself along the way. It impacted my fitness by showing me that if I am consistent, the results will come. It impacted my life because it taught me how to make fitness a lifestyle. It allowed me to enjoy my life (celebrate birthdays, graduation, vacation, etc) without feeling guilty. I just made healthier choices in those situations, and got back on my routine the next day.  Thank you Emily for creating this. You changed my life!
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